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Eliminate Travel Hassle with SAP Concur Integration

Wednesday, 04 March 2020

Think180 has successfully integrated SAP Concur with the existing SAP ERP platform of an Australian Utility and Water Infrastructure company, to better capture their employee travel expenses and supplier invoices.


What problems can SAP Concur solve?

Every time someone travels for business, their expenses must be captured, stored and claimed as per company travel policies. Anyone who travels frequently knows there is always a tall pile of receipts by the end of the trip. Taxi’s, food, drink, petrol and client entertainment are usually where the bulk of receipts come from, and each needs to be captured as expense claims at the end of the journey. Most companies then segregate these expenses based on cost object and payment method, which, as you can imagine, gets messy if you are still using paper Expense Claim forms and multiple folders. SAP Concur has addressed most, if not all, of the business requirements concerning employee travel by providing a user-friendly platform to lodge travel claims and submit for approval.

All invoices that suppliers send to clients via email or mail also need capturing, interpretation and transferal to the right cost objects in ERP financial systems. The same user-friendly platform in SAP Concur can receive invoices from suppliers, read them using Optical Character Recognition, match them with an existing Purchase Order and finally, process them for approval and posting. Again, a much easier, stress-free way to manage invoices in one simple platform.

Though SAP Concur has an excellent front-end system and platform to capture business requirements, it is still dependent on integration with a client’s ERP system where the actual financial posting takes place. This can only be done through an integration partner, of which Think180 has experience.


How did Think180 help?

We helped our client bridge the gap between SAP Concur and their SAP ERP system.

Integration of Expenses:

We utilised the standard CTE Integration (Concur Travel & Expense) provided by SAP for capturing the Expenses scenario end-to-end.

The Expenses integration was subdivided into the following sections:

  • Exporting the cost object data to SAP Concur. Cost objects include (but is not limited to);
    • Cost Center
    • Maintenance Order
    • Project WBS Element
    • Production Order
  • Importing the expense posting from SAP Concur
SAP Concur chart

Integration of Invoices:

Think180 developed an in-house solution using simple Import and Export programs and webservices as the middleware to send and receive data from SAP Concur to SAP. Although SAP Concur does provide standard CTE integration for Invoice capturing, it has not been supported for productive use, hence Think180 had to take the approach for in-house development.

The Invoice integration was subdivided into the following sections:

  • Exporting Vendor Master data to SAP Concur
  • Exporting Purchase Order data to SAP Concur
  • Exporting Goods Receipt data to SAP Concur
  • Importing Invoice data from SAP Concur
    • Invoice Extract
    • Invoice Park

As an additional layer of verification and to leverage the existing enhancements / validations in the Invoice posting module (MIRO), it was decided to use the Invoice Park (MIR7) method prior to the actual MIRO. This provided an opportunity for the client’s finance department to make amendments to the final invoice if needed, for example, selecting the correct bank account if the supplier has multiple bank accounts.

SAP Concur chart

Think180 successfully integrated SAP Concur with our client’s existing SAP ERP system, articulating and meeting the business requirements exactly while depending on skilled functional and technical expertise and in-house knowledge. If you are looking to integrate SAP Concur into your business, reach out to us today by clicking here.



By Anub Kaviraj

SAP Technical Consultant