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Mastering SAP OnAir

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Two weeks ago saw the annual Mastering SAP EAM conference, held completely online for the first time in 24 years. Despite every obstacle being thrown their way, the team at Eventful thought out-of-the-box deliver a content-packed, exciting conference for the supportive SAP community. Think180 were proud to be a Premier Sponsor of the event, and delivered several SAP EAM focused presentations as well as facilitating two Live Workshops.

mastering sap
Mastering SAP OnAir 2020

1. Plan, Execute and Control Capital Projects in SAP S/4 HANA
Stephen Silver, Anton Schloesser & Deepti Devraj

Stephen, in discussion with SAP Business Development Manager (Anton) and CPM Product Leader (Deepti), talks about the undiscovered tool of SAP Commercial Project Management (CPM) and how it provides better access project information that is buried in our SAP system, in simple and accessible way. In a business climate of reduced budgets and time, you shouldn’t have to drive users in to the various functional areas of SAP including Projects, Sales, Procurement and Time sheets, then build spreadsheets to manage the gaps in SAP’s shop front.

They discuss:

  • How CPM fits in a Maintenance organisation
  • Why every Maintenance or Construction Project should be using this exciting tool set
  • Where the tool is heading
  • The opportunities for CPM
Plan, Execute and Control Capital Projects in S/4 HANA - Overview of SAP CPM

2. Utilities in Focus
Facilitated by John Schultz and Stephen Silver

As Utilities transition from a delivery-focused role to one that orchestrates data and services, they need to get maximum ROI from their assets. They also need to maintain these assets in a cost effective and productive way, whilst ensuring service isn’t disrupted. Understanding the asset network, the status of assets and the supporting workforce capabilities are unique to the Utilities industry. Utilities in Focus explores new thinking, innovation and experiences through the core utilities process of Inspection to Work Selection and discusses how technology can drive new outcomes.

This session examines the following key areas:

• How we inspect our Assets and collect data to drive new insight and prediction. What technologies can we use, how much data should we collect, and is AI the solution?
• In resource and cost constrained environments, what work should we do, how do we prioritise importance, and is un-planned still the most critical?
• How does Smart Networks and IoT change the way we manage our work, assets and customers? What’s the value proposition and where are the best opportunities?

Utilities in Focus - Live Workshop

3. How to get started with AI, and what can it solve in a Plant Maintenance context?
Facilitated by John Schultz and Michael Mussared

Artificial Intelligence is arguably the single biggest technological disruption we have ever seen. Today, everyone is talking about the impact AI will have on the future of business, and specifically, Predictive Analytics, Object Detection and Machine Learning.

In this live interactive session, we discuss the scenarios in which AI could be a great solution, including automation, asset inspection and asset identification, how to get started with AI and the many pathways to implementation.

How to start your AI journey, and what can AI solve in Plant Maintenance?

We want to thank the entire Mastering SAP community for your engagement and ongoing support of Think180. If you have any questions following Think180’s sessions from MasteringSAP, please direct them to us here.