Think 180 is a SAP silver partner

Think180 got a new look.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

It’s an incredibly exciting time at Think180 and we have a big announcement to share. 

Whave numerous ideas, products and services to transform your business into the intelligent enterprise era. As we move forward, we are looking for new and exciting ways to share our knowledge and build our Think180 brand. 

And so, with much anticipation, Think180 is very proud to announce the launch of our new brand identity.  


We think differently at Think180. We assess challenges by turning them on their head. A 180-degree view often reveals scenarios which would otherwise not be obvious, and our processes mean we can efficiently assess the status quo and quickly identify solutions that maximise business performance.  

Our new look emphasises this. Its softness communicates empathy as we understand the problems our clients face. On the other hand, its sharpness communicates our intelligent, innovative, reliable, 180-degree way of thinking.  

Our CEO John Schultz shared his excitement“We’ve grown astronomically since our humble beginnings and continue to move forward in innovation and intelligent SAP solutions. Our name, Think180, always reflected our ability to think differently, but our brand never quite expressed this message clearly enough. We thought it was high time to adopt a look that clearly emphasises who we are and where we are going.” 

We have a new brand, but the same intelligent minds behind it. We’re work execution experts that change the way business thinks.  

Through our amazing new brand and our skilled market leading team, we’re ready to drive new thinking for our clients.