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Top Ten S/4 HANA resources to visit before starting implementation

Friday, 22 May 2020

If you’re a key decision maker debating whether to start your SAP S4 HANA implementation, or a SAP Developer entering a new S/4 HANA Project, this list of useful resources will no doubt come in handy no matter what your role is.

1. S/4 HANA Blog – Powered by Innovativity

The S/4 HANA Blog has an extensive collection of articles across several categories, including S/4 HANA Finance, Profitability Analysis, Embedded Analytics, Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. If you need info on the benefits and limitations of the latest releases, or how-to blogs on creating orders and embedding analytics – complete with demo videos, the S/4 HANA Blog is the place to go.


SAP YARD is a massive online library of resources that encompass a lot more than just S/4. However, their S/4 section includes a five-part Technical Tutorial on the On-Prem Business Suite, and several other Step by Step guides. You’ll go into this one as a curious learner and come out an S/4 Expert!


3. SAP Spot

SAP Spot is another exhaustive online blog that includes S/4 among many other interesting topics. With a new blog released almost every day, this site holds a wealth of knowledge to help you gain accurate insight into current S/4 trends, platforms, issues, tips, and tricks. Whatever problem you are facing, SAP Spot will have a blog to help you solve it.

4. SAP Community (S/4 HANA Tag)

A Community platform run by SAP themselves, this site covers S/4 HANA topics across five different categories (Business Trends, Event Information, Personal Insights, Product Information and Technical Articles). With every blog written by SAP Certified Professionals, you can be assured that what you are reading is 100% accurate and true to SAP.

5. SAP Insider

SAP Insider gives you access to “definitive S/4 HANA State of the Market Guides,” including event presentations, research reports, surveys, whitepapers, videos and webinars. With 100 pages of featured blogs, this is another site guaranteed to have something that will answer your questions about S/4.

sap insider

6. S/4 HANA for Dummies, by Joan Ofulue

Now for some specific S/4 Blogs that we love… S/4 HANA for Dummies, written by Joan Ofulue from SAP, is a quick snippet of everything you need to know about SAP’s core ERP product, including the benefits, migration and deployment options, methodology phases and other tools for implementation.

7. How to Move to SAP S/4 HANA, by Amin Hoque

This 10-minute read discusses three approaches for transitioning to S/4 before support for ECC ends in 2027. Amin provides a cohesive argument on why you should move to S/4 and gives you all the tools you need to transition today, starting with how to complete an SAP Readiness Check.

8. SAP S/4 HANA – FAQ Answered, by Faisal Iqbal

This one is helpful for key decision makers in any company looking to employ S/4. It quite simply, does what it says – answers six frequently asked questions about S/4 HANA.

9. S/4 HANA vs ECC, A Developers Perspective, by Jason Lante

This blog, written by one of our own Senior SAP Consultants, gives a comprehensive rundown on the differences between ECC and S/4, including Cloud vs On-Prem systems and finishing with a list of further blogs to aid developers in preparation for conversion.

10. Think180 S/4 HANA Services

And of course, if you need help with your S4 HANA implementation, migration or maintenance, Think180 can help. Our extensive expertise with SAP ERP solutions and S/4 HANA, combined with deep industry experience; our intelligent suite; expert technical capability and innovative capabilities helps your business improve processes enterprise wide with SAP S/4 HANA.


By Leah McGeorge

Marketing Coordinator