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The Top Ten SAP Concur Resources at your disposal

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

If you are a CFO or key finance decision maker looking to improve the expense process of your business, these resources will help you understand the benefits of integrating and implementing SAP Concur. If you are a Concur Developer or Consultant, you will also find these 10 resources valuable in your role (hint: number 3!)

1. SAP Concur Community

SAP Concur Community is an online library of helpful Concur resources, including blogs, eBooks, videos and various forums to engage in online discussions with peers. This is a community-based platform where experts can come together to share knowledge and learn!

2. SAP Concur News Centre

This News Centre is an exhaustive library of blogs covering everything from cashflow, expense management and optimisation, invoicing and travel. The Concur website also has further resources, including several whitepapers and a library of case studies of projects across various companies and industries.

sap concur

3. SAP Concur Developer

This Concur Developer Site is the one stop shop for any developer to get technical ‘how-to’ guides to Concur, including a ‘getting started’ guide and several resources on API’s and Authentication Flows.

4. Concur Expense – Self Guided Demo

This highly interactive, self-guided demo walks you through the main features and capabilities of Concur Expense (a sub-product of Concur), and shows you how expenses are captured and submitted and how reports are approved from any device, at any location, at any time.

5. Concur Invoice – Self Guided Demo

SAP Concur also have an interactive demo for their other sub-product, Concur Invoice, that shows you how vendor invoices from employee purchases are captured, processed and paid.

6. SAP Concur Expensing Overview

Published by SAP Press, this blog helps you understand how SAP simplifies and performs the expensing process that all businesses have to implement, from submission to deposit. This time-consuming task that usually takes up to 2 weeks to process, can be cut in half when done in Concur!

sap concur

7. SAP Concur – YouTube

This list would not be complete without SAP Concurs’ YouTube profile! With weekly educational videos, you can find the answer to any of your Concur questions here. Tutorials, interviews, case studies and demos are among the hundreds of short videos published on their page.

8. Concur Travel, Expense and Invoice Overview

Talking about YouTube, this demo-style video needs to be highlighted. A five-minute watch, it gives an excellent overview of the three products within Concur: Expense, Travel and Invoice. If you are unsure what each product does and their features, this video will clarify each to your satisfaction.

9. Concur Expense Overview

For a more detailed demo of Concur Expense, this video takes you through the platform on both mobile and web servers, demonstrating how lodging and managing expenses can be so easy with Concur.

10. Concur Integration with SAP ERP – Think180

And lastly, if you’re looking for the perfect partner to integrate SAP Concur with your current ERP system, Think180 can help. Check out our case-study and Services page to read about our expert experience with Concur integration into SAP ERP.


by Leah McGeorge

Marketing Coordinator