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Scheduling Simple

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Scheduling jobs to work centres and team members shouldn’t be difficult. There are a number of really advanced tools in the market that provide detailed optimised schedules. For many organisations, the work isn’t suited to these advanced tools, and so there is a need for simpler tools that allow easy allocation to the work force.

Think180 Simple Scheduling is for everyone. Built in SAP Fiori and integrated with your ERP or S/4 System, the tool is designed to enable easy scheduling of work across work centres and teams. Here’s what it looks like:

Now let’s take a closer look…

Easy Drag & Drop

  • See a list of your unscheduled work in the right-hand pane, and easily schedule them via drag & drop into the Gannt Chart.
  • Resize & Change work in the Gannt Chart, again via drag & drop.
  • All together this makes for a simple and user-friendly calendar experience.
work management

Assign to Work Centres & Teams

  • Select a piece of work, and assign it to a Work Centre and the Team Member/s responsible. They will be notified of the assignment and can view the same details on their own device.
  • Share information across teams and be notified whenever someone on the team makes a change or schedules new work.
scheduling work

Create and Complete Work

  • Create a new operation and fill in the appropriate details, including title, order number, start and end date.
  • When a job is completed, you can check it off & watch it automatically update from ‘Scheduled’ to the ‘Completed’ Status.
  • Again, teams are notified when work is completed.
schedule work

View by hour, week or month

  • Drill down into the details with an hourly view of your schedule or,
  • Select a weekly or monthly calendar for a holistic view of all your work.
scheduling tool

Instant Integration

Every time you schedule or change a piece of work, it is instantly updated into your ERP or S/4 System, for harmonious integration.

Access for Everyone

You and your team can access Simple Scheduling anywhere, anytime and on any web-based device, including tablets and smartphones.

Scheduling shouldn’t be difficult.

Create a better functioning team and achieve an efficient work management process with Think180 Simple Scheduling. No more miscommunication or complex scheduling tools. If you are interested in seeing the full capability of this tool & how easy it is to use, click the button below! We would be happy to organise a personal demonstration with your team.

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