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Concur Integration with SAP

Friday, 15 November 2019

Automate your Accounts Payable processes with SAP Concur Integration
Client        Australian Utility  
Industry        Electricity 
Staff        Approx. 300 
Profile        Australian electricity transmission business engages Think180 to integrate Concur            with SAP ERP, facilitating the automation and consolidation of Accounts Payable                processes.

A Summary.

The client, an Australian Electricity Transmission business, has been an SAP ERP user for several years and was seeking a solution to optimise the processing of Accounts Payable (AP) invoices through a Concur integration with SAP. 

Concur Expense Management had been implemented recently and the client opted to utilise Concur’s Object Character Recognition (OCR) engine to improve efficiency of AP invoice processing. While this would deliver efficiencies, maximum optimisation would only come with integration between Concur OCR and SAP. 

The solution would need to be developed as no existing solution was available that integrated SAP and Concur.  

Think180 leveraged their knowledge and expertise in SAP, custom SAP Fiori Apps and SAP Workflow to build a solution that would meet the client’s requirements. 

The solution delivered efficiencies and optimized the flow of invoice receipting, approval and payment. 

SAP Concur Integration

The Challenge.

  • To maximise AP processing efficiency, Think180 would need to make sure it could successfully integrate Concur and SAP. 
  • The client was keen to realise the benefits of the new interface and process, and deploy them for use in a relatively short timeframe. 
  • The solution needed to provide an interface for business users to be able to complete their AP related tasks following standard processes and with a mobile and simple to use interface. 

The Solution.

  • A scalableintegrated solution with SAP and Concur OCR, including workflows for approvals and escalation in SAP.  
  • Automatic invoice capture and data extraction encompassing invoice validation and exception handling. 
  • Provide a single entry processing point for Accounts Payable to manage outstanding and unprocessed invoices. 
  • Custom SAP Fiori apps built for business users to goods receipt items and approve invoices on any pc or mobile device. 

The Benefits.

  • A simplified and largely automated process for receiving and processing AP invoices using existing systems and technology already owned and operated by the client. 
  • Less manual intervention and more streamlined process leading to fewer processing errors and greater cash flow management. 
  • The provision of mobile apps gives the business users the flexibility to complete AP related tasks using a simple and easy to use interface that can be accessed on any pc or mobile device, in or out of the office. 
  • Concur compares invoices to purchase orders and records of received goods and services, saving time and ensuring supplier compliance. 
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