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Mobile Asset Management

Friday, 15 November 2019

Improve the inspection workflow of remote assets with intelligent Mobile Asset Management

A Summary.

Australian electricity distributor SA Power Networks (SAPN), needed a mobile asset management solution to annually inspect their 300 remote assets as part of their regular asset maintenance program. Although some asset details are stored in the SAP ERP, the inspection sheets are completed in spreadsheets and need to be re-keyed into SAP when technicians return to base. The technicians also have limited information available to them when conducting the off-site inspections.S

SA Power Networks wanted proof of concept solution that provides technicians with access to key asset information when conducting the inspections and the ability to complete the documentation using an interface that is directly linked to SAP ERP. 

Work Management

The Challenge.

  • Develop scalable and flexible Asset Model, including Functional Locations, Equipment and PRTs. 
  • 300 assets located across a diverse geographical location. 
  • Limited asset data available to technicians when completing inspections. 
  • Inspection Results completed using off-line spreadsheets, requiring duplication of effort when returning to base and re-entering information in the ERP. 
  • Retirement of spreadsheets. 
  • The solution had to be available to the technicians when completing the field inspections, i.e. a mobile solution.

The Solution.

  • The chosen solution was SAP Work Manager. Think180 was engaged to design architect and assist with developing the first roll out. 
  • Undertake the inspections using the Work Manager mobile solution, giving technicians the ability to remotely access asset information and maintenance history utilising Maintenance Plans, Inspection Rounds and PRTs. 
  • Provide an end to end process centric solution. 
  • Simple and scalable solution facilitating easy roll out to other asset types comprising over 100,000 assets. 

The Benefits.

  • Improved thoroughness and efficiency conducting inspections by having all necessary information to hand when completing the work. 
  • Duplication of effort avoided by eliminating the completion of off-line spreadsheets.
  • Real-time updated to the ERP via direct entry from mobile devices, leading to better asset data and improved analytics.

Potential productivity benefits from: 

  • A reduction in overtime needed to complete the inspections; and 
  • A reduction in travelling time from home to specific work sites without the need to first check in at the office. 
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