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SAP Vegetation Management

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Manage your vegetation life cycle with a SAP Vegetation Management Solution
Client         SA Power Networks  
Industry         Electricity 
Staff         Approx. 1,800 
Profile         Australian electricity distributor engages Think180 to implement vegetation                       management.  

A Summary.

Our client, an Australian electricity distributor, uses contractors to inspect and cut vegetation around its poles and wires and the process is managed using complex spreadsheets and stand alone databases.

A solution was required to manage the vegetation life cycle (planning, scoping, auditing and cutting) which integrates with the asset management system (SAP).
Think180 designed the solution and assisted with the first roll out.

Vegetation Management

The Challenge.

  • Multiple systems to manage activities.
  • Extensive manual procedures for managing scoping, span cutting, matching invoices to work orders and reconciling contractor hours.
  • Ability to estimate time and cost to perform vegetation activities.
  • Timely approval of contractor invoices.
  • Record auditor name and audit results.
  • No mobile capability for contractor access when completing the field inspections.

The Solution.

  • Enable native functionality in the SAP ERP, including SAP Plant Maintenance and a portal for contractors to manage their work  
  • Enable functionality to record the person responsible for scoping, cutting tasks and auditor, to provide the ability to record Audit results  
  • Use Service Entry functionality to enable ”goods’ receipting” of components of the Cutting Process, which will help to automate the payment of Span Cutting  
  • Use Customer Follow-up Task functionality with the SAP Notification to assign responsibility for specific tasks 
  • Implement mobile time entry and approval 

The Benefits.

  • Improved productivity for the client through eliminating duplication of effort in maintaining multiple spreadsheets and reducing level of manual intervention for monitoring work and reconciling contractor invoices 
  • Improved productivity for contractors by using the portal to manage work 
  • Improved thoroughness and efficiency of scoping and cutting by having all necessary information to hand when completing the work. 
  • Maintenance Plans captured in the ERP for periodic scoping and cutting work. 
  • Accurate reporting on resource performance, quality of works and compliance auditing.
  • Improved management of both routine and pre bush fire scoping and cutting. 
  • Ability to plan projected expenditure against the vegetation management function 
  • Reports for scoping and cutting (in planning, in progress and completed by contractor) 
  • Ability to directly record in the ERP defects and risks identified during physical inspection of vegetation  
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