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Work Management

Friday, 15 November 2019

Improving Work Management Processes with SAP ERP synchronisation

A Summary.

Two utility organisations had an existing SAP ERP system, and use Plant Maintenance to coordinate their work management tasks. Maintenance of assets is outsourced to one utility and significant volumes of Notifications and Work Orders are issued to control and manage the work. Both organisations were reliant on manual updates to provide an accurate picture of current work status. 

The organisations wanted a solution to optimise the processing and syncronisation of Notifications and Work Orders, reduce the need for manual updates and improve the ability to report work status.

Think180 leveraged their knowledge and expertise in SAP RFC processing, real time & batch processing, Work Order Status and Long Text management, supported by custom SAP developments, to build the solution. 

The solution delivered efficiencies and optimised the flow of information between the two organisations. 

Application Managed Services

The Challenge.

  • The two systems needed to successfully integrate and synchonise. 
  • A relatively short timeframe. 
  • An interface for business users to be able to complete their Plant Maintenance related tasks following standard processes supported by custom developments and simple to use platform. 

The Solution.

  • A scalableintegrated solution, with two way work order status management and integrated long text maintenance in SAP.  
  • Automatic data extraction encompassing Plant Maintenance processing and exception handling. 
  • Integrated system which manages Notifications and Work Orders, including custom code to allow for both overnight and ad-hoc syncronisation. 

The Benefits.

  • A simplified automated process for processing Work Orders and Notifications using existing systems and technology already owned and operated by the clients. 
  • Significantly reduced manual intervention and streamlined process leading to fewer processing errors and more efficient and accurate work management. 
  • Capability of both batch and real time updates to both clients’ systems, enabling an accurate snapshot of the current work status at any point in time. 
  • No longer reliant on manual processing for joint work management. 
  • Time saved through greatly reduced duplication of effort.  
  • Substantially improved accuracy in reporting of the current work state. 
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