Think 180 is a SAP silver partner

SAP CPM (SAP Commercial Project Management) changes the way you manage your Project Lifecycle to optimise results. Think180 can help you implement and optimise your SAP CPM solution to solve various Business Issues, including Integrated Estimating, Financial Management, Project Control and  Project Issue & Change Management.

sap cpm

CPM will change and improve the way you manage your Project Lifecycle by giving you:

  • Better governance and control of your projects
  • A consistent view of your work across your entire business
  • A better view of resourcing and project allocation

As a layer that sits over your SAP Project Systems, CPM comes as a shared workspace. Its ‘front door’ cockpit provides an overall insight on how your project is traveling in a top-down approach. At a glance, Project Managers can see exactly where their project is at from a financial, delivery, procurement and a sales perspective.

Plan, Execute and Control Capital Projects with SAP S/4 HANA - an overview of SAP CPM

Key Capabilities of SAP CPM

  • Integrated Estimating

    While standard SAP doesn’t provide the ability to load estimates, CPM supports estimates with a Project Costs and Revenue Planning capability. Manage and improve estimates with actual reporting and analysis, link to your delivery and bid structure and integrate your APIs estimation system to drive good project delivery.

  • Advanced Financial Management

    We understand that financial Forecasting and Loading is complicated. CPM supports Forecasting and Planning via Excel Analysis for Office with standard delivered Excel Planning templates, Real-time Project monitoring and control, Integrated reporting with Excel for detailed user analysis and Customer defined KPIs.

  • Integrated Project Issue and Change Management

    There is little capability in standard SAP to manage Project Issues and Changes. CPM capability provides full Issue, Risk and Change capability as well as full visibility of the financial impact of Project Changes and Risk.

  • Simplified Project Control Experience

    Whether you have a standard way of work or not, CPM gives you a consistent, top-down analysis of Project Status. View of all your projects and transactions in a one-stop shop platform, including management, financials, resourcing, procurement and sales. Little training is required and analysis is available to drill down deeper and source documents via Excel Tools.

Think180 Energize for CPM

Think180 have developed Energize for CPM, a fast and scalable implementation of SAP CPM into your business. Energize is designed to quickly be adopted and establish an organisational business case.

For more information about our Energize Package, including Add-Ons and Pricing, click the button below.

Or for more information about CPM, check out our comprehensive guide. With our long-term estimating experience, extensive industry expertise across our team and our own S/4 Hana Demo Capability, Think180 have the Functional and Technical skills to get your SAP CPM system up an running in a matter of weeks.

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