Think 180 is a SAP silver partner

Click Software Integration

Why Click Software integration?

Think180 can achieve Click Software integration to achieve seamless business flows including scheduling and dispatching of work to your workforce.

Click Software offers cloud-based field service management and workforce management software for enterprise and small businesses. Founded in 1997, Click Software is a pioneer in applying complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to workforce management. Click Software’s key features including job forecasting and shift management, scheduling and dispatch, work order management and field service management.

Integration between SAP and Click Software allows your organisation to have seamless business flows to schedule and dispatch work to your workforce with piece of mind that the work will be optimised and scheduled efficiently. This ensures your workforce is performing work in the most effective sequence based on the priorities and metrics that are most valued by your organisation.

How we can help

Think180 can help your organisation to effectively integrate your systems from design through to build. Our experienced team can work with you to:

  • gather requirements,
  • analyse the existing landscape,
  • design a secure and future proof integration solution based on best-practise,
  • build and test the solution that is tailored to your specific needs and,
  • manage the deployment through to your production environment.

An effective integration by Think180 will help your organisation meet objectives using the systems that you already have. Data will be securely shared between the systems as required yet conveniently maintained in only one system. Resources will be able to complete their work correctly with the accurate information available to them.

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