Think 180 is a SAP silver partner
Smart Technologies
Smart Technologies

Intelligent Technologies

At Think180 we combine business thinking with innovation.

Our team utilises the very latest in technology to deliver business outcomes and experiences that really work.

We start with the outcome we want to achieve, then find a creative and intelligent way, using clever technologies (such as AI, ML, SAP, Predictive Analytics) to achieve that.

Sometimes this means merging technologies together or using several technologies together. We always keep in mind how the technology will benefit the customer and look to create solutions that will stand the test of time.

To that end we are forever changing, along with technology. We provide real-time data and use agile tech to keep up with business processes. Our people are highly skilled across a wide range of applications but we we always frame it back to SAP for a valuated outcome.

Talk to us if you’d like to explore some of your challenges.